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All about the Pickle

All About the Pickle

From Pickle Parties to Pickle Recipes and everything fun including Pickles, join us for a delicious & delightful time.

Pickled Pink Pro Pickles features pickle recipes, pickle parties, pickle picnics, and everything pickles. Anything & everything pickled. Follow us on Twitter too!

For the Love of Pickles

Hello from Maria Parkinson, LOVER OF ALL THINGS PICKLED! Former/Recovering Stand Up Comic, Prankster, Brain tumor survivor and so much more!

Why Has Me Pickled Pink

I’ve always been an entrepreneur. When I owned a temporary agency, I had super talented assistants to do my dreaded computer stuff. 

Not learning “what button(s) to push” remains, professionally at least, my biggest regret. 

Being computer challenged has put me behind the eightball and certainly put me behind the times. I honestly thought zipping around the Information Highway was not for me. 

Then in 2010 I had brain surgery, retired, (or so I thought) and never dreamed I would be excited about learning computers. Ever. I FINALLY recouped enough to “something,” but what?

I love being whimsical, being a former Stand Up Comic and all, and I also love pickles–dangerously bordering on obsession. I’ve wanted to have a pickle party for over a decade.  

But waiting over ten years for one sad pickle party seemed like a pretty puny dream. Then, it hit me like a bolt of lightning. I would create!

Now, learning computers and everything that goes with it is actually fun. I’m having a blast learning social media. Who knew?!?